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Creating an exciting digital platform for Universal Production Music


Universal Production Music


Responsive website design and build, UX design, visual design, API integration, SEO audit

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Our client and their challenge

Universal Production Music is a music catalogue of unrivalled breadth and depth, crafted specifically for professional media users in film, tv, radio and the web.

Technology advancements behind media production have become increasingly rapid, and the industry much more competitive. The need for a consistent and responsive website experience is now critical.

Universal Production Music felt their existing "catalogue" interface was no longer appropriate for music producers who needed to easily find, curate, listen and download from its 250,000+ available tracks. They needed better search functionality, and user-friendly filtering to take centre stage, all the while being easy to use across all devices.

The new website would need to help users better understand their vast library of music, and work more in line with their needs. Universal Production Music believed a rationalised, better-performing site would ultimately help them increase their reach and conversion.

Our process and solution

+ available tracks

To gain a deep understanding of Universal Production Music’s business, Big embarked on a journey of total immersion into music industry culture. Development of the site was a highly collaborative process; weekly meetings with the business building a strong foundation for co-ordination across the entire project.

Big held workshops to focus on both the customer and internal user journeys across Europe and the USA. Our technical team worked closely with the Universal Production Music Global IT team to help define and integrate their core APIs with the latest web technologies (Angular.js and Sitecore 8) needed to power the system. On completion, the site launched across 28 markets globally.


The result and the impact

Big created a visually stunning website, backed up by powerful search functionality, allowing users to find, share, listen and download the music they want.

Over 150 different filters allow users to forensically refine their music searches, speeding up the selection process, and allowing professionals to manage tracks in line with their unique business needs.

Now, for the next stage of the project, Big are embarking on delivery of an e-commerce function on the site, to integrate an end-to-end licensing solution for Universal Production Music.

  • 250,000+ available tracks
  • 150+ different filters
  • 1 industry defining website launched across 28 markets

It’s nice to see that others are noticing what we see in BIG! Keep up the great work.

GARY GROSS Worldwide President, Universal Production Music