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Transforming expectations for BT customers with the Digital Possible




Campaign development, copywriting, graphic design, video production

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Our client and their challenge

The Digital Possible is BT’s campaign to promote its digital transformation and technology proposition. Its core message is ‘empowering people with technology’ to change businesses, communities and the wider world.

The challenge that big group met was to transform the campaign with fresh visual thinking and creativity to make it easier for sales teams to engage their communities in everyday conversations.

You are an intrinsic part of our organisation; we love working with you.

NICOLA JONES Marketing Director, Global Services Division

Our process and solution

For the campaign to be relevant to the BT community of businesses, industry sectors and job profiles, big group and BT’s Global Services division worked closely together to develop themes that salespeople could articulate and sell solutions against.

We created the campaign’s visual identity and produced regional, industry sector and portfolio imagery to tie the campaign materials together.

This identity inspired an entire suite of campaign assets: adverts, event presentations, workshop material and sales tools such as Word and PowerPoint templates, as well as wall designs, posters, web and pop-up banners.


The result and the impact

The Digital Possible is now used by BT to promote digital transformation across their top accounts. The campaign message and visuals are used around the world, locally tailored for regions, industry sectors and product areas.

Our emotive campaign enables BT to turn key prospects into clients, and complex solutions into opportunities.

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