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The North Face


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Our client and their challenge

The North Face are the world’s number one outdoor sports brand, with a global presence and a distinctive identity. With a range of clothing and equipment that has translated from the mountain to the street, The North Face also has universal appeal as a fashion brand. Unifying The North Face appeal to the urban and mountain communities and continuing to build sales and brand equity was their challenge to us.

When you’ve got to the top of the mountain, where do you go from there? The North Face never stop exploring, and big group are proud to be on this next stage of the journey with them as their digital first creative agency of record in EMEA. It’s our task to help The North Face scale ever-higher peaks, designing innovative, experiential campaign launches across the diverse range of markets in EMEA.

We have created amazing campaigns, delivering breath-taking concepts with stand-out imagery - including the complete branding takeover of the Duomo Metro Station in Milan – delivered in short time and to a collective intake of breath.

Our challenge is to develop campaigns to underline The North Face’s off- and on-mountain credentials in the outdoor and urban fashion markets, reinforcing the essence of the brand’s identity with inspiring digital first creative. Our key targets are to boost and grow sales both online and to The North Face wholesalers.


Our process and solution

big group have created awe-inspiring Digital First campaigns, focusing the message of The North Face to targeted segments of their communities across EMEA and underlining the brand ethos as we go. We’ve spent time in the mountains and in the urban jungle taking the perfect shot, we’ve re-purposed outdoor clothing for great causes, we’ve helped kids back to school with the amazing range of The North Face backpacks. We’ve shown the world The North Face’s leading jacket warmth technology, and we’ve done this all across the varied cultural and linguistic landscape of EMEA, where we share concept and creative with agencies in-country across the region.


The result and the impact

The early stages of our relationship have involved a deep learning of The North Face’s ethos and mantra, developing creative understanding, and adapting and creating digital first campaigns to be used across EMEA. Our work has generated universally positive feedback from The North Face, with our creative being used for global campaigns as well as in EMEA. We’re scaling new heights with The North Face because that’s what you do when you’ve got to the top.

You find another challenge. You climb another mountain. You never stop exploring.