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Statement of ESG Practices

At big group, we have comprehensive ongoing Environmental, Social and Governance actions rooted in responsible business practices that benefit our employees, clients, partners and the wider community. 


At big group, we have established policies ensuring sustainability is embedded throughout our operations.  

We have a Level 3 Green Mark certification, which means we have a robust environmental management system in place, allowing us to put reduction targets in place up to 2030. This helps to drive us to go above and beyond in minimizing our environmental footprint. 

Each year we conduct a Carbon Impact Assessment, which seeks to understand our impact and highlight areas for improvement. As part of our Carbon Impact Assessment, we survey our staff to gain valuable insights on how we can improve across the board centred around the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To keep us accountable, we disclose our environmental impacts through CDP, a disclosure insight action non-profit.  

We embrace the responsibility of carbon offsetting by partnering with Ecologi, investing in projects that combat climate change and support environmental restoration. 

We encourage our supply chain partners to reduce and measure our collective carbon impact, promoting sustainability at every stage of our operations, with sustainability being a key purchasing influence. 

We are working toward our goal of net zero by 2030 through the above activities and setting year-on-year targets to achieve this. Our emissions statement is here.


big group champions diversity and inclusion, recognizing that our collective strength lies in our differences and unique perspectives.  

 We uphold robust policies for equal opportunities, diversity, inclusion, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and a steadfast commitment to eradicating modern slavery.  

We were the first UK business to be officially recognized as an LGBTQ enterprise by the UK Government in 2021. The membership certified by OutBritain serves to highlight our commitment to standards where individuals with a difference can thrive in their careers without fear of discrimination or prejudice.  

Our employee-led diversity and inclusion council spearheads initiatives to foster an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates diversity in all its forms. The council is guided by the principle of 'for diversity to be what you see; inclusion is what you do'.  

We empower our employees to make a difference by offering five volunteering days each year. Leveraging our own expertise and resources, we engage in pro bono work, dedicating our skills to projects where we believe we can help/that have a profound social impact.   

We contribute to the well-being of our local communities through monthly donations to our community food bank, ensuring that basic needs are met for those in need. We have donation points in both of our UK offices.

We prioritize our employees' mental health and well-being, fostering a supportive environment where they can thrive personally and professionally. Trained Mental Health First Aiders are visible within the business to provide initial support to colleagues who may be experiencing mental health challenges or distress.

All managers undergo training to address unconscious bias and promote a more inclusive work environment. Through adequate awareness, training and support, we can foster a more equitable and inclusive workplace. 


big group holds itself to high standards of governance, recognizing that ethical conduct is the foundation of trust and sustainable business practices. 

Our commitment to strong governance practices is evident through our ISO 9001, 27001 & 45001 certifications, demonstrating our dedication to quality management, information security, and occupational health and safety. 

We value our industry's contribution and are members of BIMA, the Alliance of Independent Agencies, The Institute of Promotional Marketing and the Content Authenticity Initiative to ensure we have an active voice in developing best practices for today and tomorrow. 

We invest in ongoing cyber security training for all staff, safeguarding our operations and the data entrusted to us. 

Our comprehensive policies encompass data protection, anti-bribery, health and safety, risk assessments, anti-fraud measures, and financial diligence. 

As responsible stewards of data, we are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. 

We undergo certified annual audits under the laws of England & Wales, ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulatory requirements. 

At big group, we are committed to realizing a sustainable and inclusive future for our business and playing our part in making that a reality.