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Reinventing digital retail management for Samsung




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Our client and their challenge

With an ever-growing product range and constant updates to their retail marketing strategy, Samsung needed support in managing updates to their UK and Ireland retail displays. With an entirely manual Planogram system guiding how products were displayed, the Samsung retail team found keeping track of changes to physical retail spaces too vague, and falling behind the speed of delivery needed to maintain a consistent brand identity in-store.

Samsung needed a transformative tool to allow agile changes at both an individual store and estate-wide level for products, fixtures and graphics.

big group retail really understand Samsung and the retail industry. They successfully delivered a flexible digital retail portal that allows my team access to accurate retail planograms which really helps to define PoS requirements for thousands of stores in seconds.

Head of Channel & Retail Marketing - Samsung

Our process and solution

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Using its deep industry experience and client knowledge, big group designed and developed a new bespoke Retail Planogram Management Portal, specifically tailored for Samsung’s retail and field staff.

Alongside accurate retail planograms for all of Samsung’s retail fixtures and displays, the portal produces detailed analytical reports defining the display requirements for thousands of stores in seconds. Samsung can produce pick & pack lists for artwork quotes, and amend promotional requirements to suit budgets almost instantly. Administration of the portal is managed in-house, to take advantage of synergies between the portal’s analytical and planning features.

Since its launch, we’ve developed the platform organically to meet fresh challenges, build in new functions, and keep it relevant to Samsung’s processes.


The result and the impact

With an initial 200 active users enjoying the success of the system, Samsung US also came on board with over 1,100 more users across 15,000 stores. The Retail Planogram Management Portal is now relied upon for upholding compliance with display guidelines, managing retail marketing promotions, and assisting with the introduction of new product ranges.

Beyond the initial release, the portal has already been extended to other departments across the UK, Ireland and the US, integrating Samsung’s information management planograms to eventually support Samsung’s entire consumer electronics range.

By developing the portal through organic, continuous steps, we’ve designed and built a transformative technology for Samsung all in house, exceeded expectations to deliver so much more than the original brief. By injecting the project with creative innovation and listening to our client’s specific needs, we’ve supported Samsung and its stakeholders at every level of the retail marketing journey.

To find out more about this project and the Planogram system itself, contact us.