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Our client and their challenge

Connecting a global community: Mastercard launched the Priceless Cities Campaign in 2011 with the aim of creating a platform for Mastercard to engage affluent, urban-dwelling cardholders both in the UK and overseas. In a first for Mastercard, and in the knowledge that this was a community of avid travelers, Mastercard proposed to open an ongoing dialogue by offering them exclusive experiences in the cities they live in and visit.


Our process and solution

With London selected as the first of over 40 ‘Priceless’ city locations, Mastercard approached big group to manage, co-ordinate and execute the Priceless Cities campaign.

As part of this, we identified, recruited, and managed strategic partnerships for the programme, creating bespoke events and working with other agencies and partners to deliver unforgettable customer experiences. big group also managed all digital aspects of the programme; from content management to eCRM, forming the basis of an integrated multichannel communication platform.

This work continues today. Day-to-day management of the programme includes coordinating consistent eCRM, executing a multi-channel communication strategy, and input to the platform’s strategic direction. big group have been at the forefront of building Mastercard an experiential website for Priceless Cities that now covers the globe. This continues to develop with new features and functionality, and big group managing each iteration by creating content; managing new partners, events, sponsorships and offers; and delivering effective communications.

The result and the impact

Cities in the Priceless ecosystem worldwide

Through more than 6 years of working on the campaign, big group have developed hundreds of partnerships, sponsorships and bespoke events for Priceless Cities, now recognised as a key platform within the Priceless programme, and central to Mastercard’s Cities proposition.

big group continues to provide Mastercard and Priceless Cities with logistical, operational and administrative support to ensure that the programme stays relevant, timely and nimble, and to cement its status as a key differentiator for Mastercard.