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Millionth Car Campaign




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Our client and their challenge

To celebrate their amazing achievement of having sold 999,999 cars in the UK since 1982, Hyundai wanted to give away their millionth car to a deserving fan. Big Group was asked to create a campaign on Hyundai’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to promote this fantastic opportunity and encourage engagement and sharing among users of these social media platforms.

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Our process and solution

video views across Facebook and Twitter

We developed a campaign that was based around the concept of ‘one in a million’, asking fans on social media who would be theirs - whether it be a friend, loved one or a celebrity they admire - and why they would nominate them to win Hyundai’s millionth car. All entries, which could be submitted as a text, image or video on Hyundai’s UK social media platforms, needed to use the hashtag #M1LLION and had to be posted within one million seconds - 11.6 days - of the promotion going live. Big Group also engaged with bloggers and social media influencers to stimulate conversation and encourage and maximise entry to the competition.


The result and the impact

The promotion proved to be a huge social media success, generating almost 4,000 entries and saw the hashtag #M1ILLION trend on Twitter in the UK. It also attracted almost 300,000 video views on Facebook and Twitter with 1.6 million impressions.

The entry process also gave Hyundai a valuable opportunity to create a more natural public voice which allowed fans and customers the chance to engage with them in a friendly and personal manner.

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