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Accelerating H.R. Owen’s online approach with an SEO, PPC & UX strategy


H. R. Owen


Conversion rate optimisation, Google advertising, paid search, SEO audit, UX design

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Our client and their challenge

Established in 1932 in Mayfair, London, H.R. Owen is Britain’s leading luxury motor dealer and the world’s largest retailer that includes brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati.

When we met H.R. Owen in 2009 they were looking for ways to address a large volume of low quality, irrelevant online traffic. This traffic was resulting in high PPC costs, high bounce rates, and low enquiry rates. They needed to ensure their niche target market of high net worth individuals were delivered the right message at the right time.

Big Group have proven time and again over the last 6 years that they are the right agency for when quality matters.

TOM KING Marketing Director, H. R. Owen

Our process and solution

Web traffic increase

Big Group initiated an SEO strategy that would see the right pages delivered to their target audience, consisting of:

  • Conducting continuous annual and quarterly strategic reviews of their online marketing.
  • Detailed discussion of their business objectives and growth ambitions.
  • Ongoing recommendations to their SEO, PPC and Programmatic advertising.
  • Data driven website user experience (UX) improvements leading to a deeper understanding of their customers and how to best target them.

The result and the impact

H.R. Owen now enjoy top ranking positions for the keywords and phrases that drive high quality traffic to their website. Cost per enquiry has also decreased by 90% and traffic to the website has increased by 566% without the addition of any new car marques.

In July 2017 H.R. Owen won Digital Retailer of the Year (Franchise) at the 10th Auto Trader Click Awards. By adopting best digital practice and delivering exceptional online experiences, H.R. Owen were recognised for having placed a greater emphasis on the role of digital in the customer journey and creating a truly customer centric business.