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Development of Edwin personas




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Our client and their challenge

Edwin is a luxury Japanese clothing brand founded in 1947 with an emphasis on denim manufacture. They pride themselves on progression in design and use exclusive fabrics and fabrication methods to maintain a counter cultural outlook and contemporary vision.

Big Group were asked to take Edwin’s wealth of behavioural data from their website to make sure it was being properly leveraged.

Big Group provides powerful data analysis and amazing ROI on all our search activities. They are at the cutting edge of digital marketing and always happy to help.

SAM BLOOR Marketing Manager, Edwin

Our process and solution

decrease in acquisition costs

In order to help understand their website activity, we used the traffic monitoring tool Hitwise to create personas from the different demographics visiting the site. With additional data taken from Google Analytics, we provided insights into what groups make up the traffic, what they are buying and how they are engaging and converting.

Some of the groups include:

  • Part-Time Working Students – Part-time students aged between 18 and 24 and who are also in employment. These lower age groups convert he least, probably due to income levels.
  • Metro High Flyers – Aged 25-34, they are ambitious and highly educated professionals paying high rents in highly commutable areas of major cities, are childfree and have no plans to start a family. They also proved to have the highest visits and transactions.
  • Bank of Mum and Dad and Uptown Elite - Well-off families with adult children who still live at home or are in education, and high-status professionals who buy for themselves or their dependants. Data indicates purchases are made for 18-24 year olds with peak purchasing times in July and November.

The result and the impact

Data collected enabled Big Group to increase Edwin’s paid search ROI by more than 680%, while acquisition costs decreased by 90%.

On and offline data ensured a successful expansion for Edwin across Europe, and in Germany, recent launches have seen an 800% increase in uplifts.

Big Group are currently working on promoting Edwin across France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands as well as additional regions across the UK.

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