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Ed Riseman, General Manager

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BreatheSimple partnership announcement

A bold ambition… to improve the health and wellness of millions around the world.

big group has partnered with BreatheSimple, the US-based breath training app that is aiming to change the world, one breath at a time.

Dr. Warren, CEO of BreatheSimple said "We are really excited to partner with the Big Group. Engaging with the best talent wherever it may be has been the strategy from day one of the company. Their amazing team will ensure that the BreatheSimple App will deliver a fantastic user experience to the 80% of adults that breathe poorly with serious impact on their daily health."

Whether relieving stress, improving sleep, controlling asthma and hay fever attacks, or as an aid to quitting smoking, breath training has been shown in numerous trials to provide dramatic benefit. According to the ESC, as the graph demonstrates, long-sleeping and short-sleeping both carry a greater risk of stroke and heart attack.

Mindfulness and meditative breathing have been lauded in recent years for its ability to reduce stress – now, anyone can use this scientific and proven method through the BreatheSimple app.

Nick Scott, Big Group CEO said “We are excited about the unique combination of BreatheSimple’s patented technology with our award-winning customer engagement skills.”

Professionally designed personalized courses and daily improvement tracking will be delivered using just a mobile phone. The scientific way of learning to breathe effectively has, up to now, not received the attention it deserves. This partnership aims to change that in just a few months from now. Stay tuned!