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Ed Riseman

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The UK’s Top Digital 100

Econsultancy published its well respected Guide to The Top 100 Digital Agencies in the UK and the results for Big Group showed an impressive rise in the rankings from 53 to 45 and an equally impressive average total fee income of £2.3 billion for all 100 agencies combined. Agencies on average have been reporting a 20% growth in total fee income. For us here at Big, it takes the agency into the Top 50 for the 1st time and when you read the report in detail it illustrates some great pointers towards the future of marketing.

Our digital growth in the early noughties was very distinct from spend in other marketing areas such as video, direct mail, PR and events but as the digital infrastructure joined up, so have we and these disciplines have undergone their own transformation adapting and thriving in new forms on the web. Like cherry trees in the spring they blossomed through social media, content distribution, eCRM, online video and live streaming amongst others. It’s all connected now and it’s these traditional marketing services that have recreated themselves in new forms which have allowed us to break into the top 50 and congratulate the team on a job well done!