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Our approach to SEO begins with understanding an audience’s intent, their search habits and behaviour and their expectations. Only when we have this insight do we develop an SEO strategy which covers four key areas.

Technical optimisation: We ensure the structure of a site, the code and its supporting components are all optimised to allow a search engine to find every page, every element and understand its role and hierarchy within the site.

Contextual Optimisation: We optimise copy, content and meta data to provide visitors with what they expect to see and the search engines context by which to understand the site.

User Experience: We aid in the design of websites that enable visitors to find what they want quickly and easily, maximising conversion and minimising bounce rates.

Site authority: We help our clients’ websites and content get referenced, talked about and linked to from relevant, authoritative people and organisations. Our approach includes digital PR, blogger outreach, events and improving social signals.

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