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Our events bring ideas, brands and campaigns to life. Whether the proposition is to educate, inspire or excite, our aim is always to create an immersive experience that’ll live long in the memory. By always considering the wider picture, we’re able to deliver creative events that extend the conversation on social media. 

Whether it’s a pop up event or part of a sponsorship leverage, we’re well equipped to deal with the challenge. Our work with big clients at some of the UK’s most iconic institutions means we’re well versed in dressing venues, organising entertainment and producing the marketing collateral befitting of the occasion. 

We’re skilled at working independently or alongside a roster of existing agencies, and our event manager is always selected according to the brand, client and sector – ensuring we’re able to deliver a personal experience.

Event Strategy

At the beginning of every project we assess the client’s goals, enabling us to plan an occasion that delivers against all the key objectives.

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Event Implementation

Over the years we’ve gathered a wealth of experience at implementing events for the biggest clients and hosting them at well-known venues throughout the UK.

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Event Marketing

As well as creating, managing and designing each event, our talented team will promote and market every occasion.

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Big Group Services

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