Seadrill Digital Community Project

The Challenge

Seadrill, the leading offshore deepwater drilling company, wanted to create a community for their workforce.  For Seadrill, creating an online social space would have two benefits: by helping employees appreciate the value of their roles within the business, their online interactions could be harnessed to turn them into advocates; and second, it would create a communications channel for investor relations.

The Solution

Big Group proposed a global social media strategy, building a Seadrill community across Facebook and Twitter with user generated content being vital to its success. On Facebook, the content strategy would celebrate things considered important to employees. Twitter’s content strategy focused more on investor relations, but even here, sharing great images would be key to maintaining engagement. The posting schedule incorporated varied publishing times to ensure the content remained consistent to audiences around the world.


We reached their first year KPIs in only the first two weeks of the project, which saved them 65% of their proposed media spend. @SeadrillLtd is now a Twitter verified property, having gained 9.5k followers since its launch in March 2014.  In the same period, Seadrill on Facebook has amassed 42k likes, with an organic engagement rate of 15%.

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