Hyundai Millionth Car Campaign

The Challenge

Hyundai wanted to celebrate building their one millionth UK car the newly launched All-New Tucson, so they decided to give it away!
They asked Big Group to create a social media campaign which encouraged engagement, sharing and maximised the awareness of this fantastic opportunity.

The Solution

Big Group developed a campaign, that centered on the concept of one in a million. We created a social media promotion which asked fans the question “Who's your 1 in a #M1LLION?”. Fans were asked to nominate a friend or loved one and explain why they were their one in a million and why they deserved to win Hyundai’s millionth car. 

We produced and posted three teaser videos and a main promotional ad video, which were also supported by paid media. as well as handling the day to day social media engagement on Hyundai’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts

All entries were required to use the hashtag #M1LLION which we monitored across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Extending the one-in-a-million theme, all entries had to be made within 1 million seconds of the promotion going live on 26th November at 10am. 

To ensure the competition maximised its reach, Big Group engaged with bloggers and social media influencers to stimulate conversation and encourage entry.


The campaign was a huge success across Facebook and saw the hashtag #M1ILLION trending on Twitter in the UK. 

The entry process allowed Hyundai to create a more natural voice, allowing fans and customers the chance to engage with them in a personal manner, hard to do for any major car manufacturer.

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