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Creating a wall of content for Hyundai

The Challenge

Hyundai’s UK team needed to raise online awareness of their global sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. They also needed a way to leverage existing video content in a clever and cost effective manner. 

The Solution

We proposed a bespoke digital solution that centered on using – a flexible tool that would fit their promotional needs. With, Hyundai were able to search the internet for social media mentions relevant to their World Cup sponsorship, and display the best interactions on a social media wall called Experience More. We were then able feature their favourite tweets, posts and pictures, blended with brand and other content such as their Copa 90 videos.

We created a promotion where fans could show us their own most creative goal celebrations on video, uploaded to Hyundai’s social media wall. For maximum exposure, the ‘Experience More’ wall was housed on Hyundai UK’s Facebook page. We designed the visuals and built their wall, handling the Facebook installation as well as day to day management of the whole project from content aggregation and competition management, to updating the wall on a daily basis.


During their World Cup campaign, Hyundai UK garnered 23.5k likes with over 10k of these coming during the competition period. 13k people visited the wall with around 10k of these being new to Hyundai.

Hyundai were so impressed with’s performance that they have made it a permanent feature on their Facebook page.  They also used it to promote their sponsorship of the FIFA World Rally Championship and have used it to leverage their Tate Modern sponsorship.

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