BT One Market Mover Launch

The challenge

BT Global Services, a world leader in managed networked IT services, wanted to reposition their unified communications portfolio, BT One, which uses technology to improve customers’ communication and collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and customers around the world. The goal was to create a step change in their sales pipeline with a campaign that would reinforce BT's position as an innovative forward thinker.

The solution

Our approach centred on driving real market impact through focused marketing and communications, with a cohesive look, feel and messaging for internal, customer and analyst launches.

We suggested they work with their world leading partners to develop joint collateral, showing the breadth of their portfolio and solutions. We developed a suite of collateral including:

  • Print ads, web pages, app content creation, online banners, event stands and visuals, and a foyer ‘takeover’ at BT’s head office, to raise awareness.
  • Eight videos developed in conjunction with partners, multiple presentations and brochures – specifically focusing on new products and services, to trigger interest, excitement, and a desire to find out more.
  • Internal launch animations and training material to ensure sales and other teams in BT got on board and understood the BT One portfolio.
  • Presentations and videos for BT’s launch to analysts.


The BT One app exceeded over 2,500 downloads from a target market of 600 global organisations.

The BT One videos on the virtual showcase exceeded 5,000 views. This led to 165 showcase visits in the first 6 months of the campaign and a step change in BT One’s pipeline with an ROI of 80:1.

"Their speed of response creativity and ability to build relationships across virtual teams including other agencies is unrivaled. A great team to work with."
Head of Marketing, BT One

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