Oscar Dresses Graphic 2017 Version

See our latest version of our famous Oscar Dresses infographic, now including Emma Stone.

The Oscar Dresses Infographic 2016 Version

Enjoy the 2016 update of the Oscar Dresses Infographic which now includes Brie Larson's dress. 

How Ethnically Diverse is The Oscars?

In a departure from our previous fashion-based work about the Oscars, we decided this year to take a deeper look into the diversity debate that has surrounded the awards.

An Introduction to Henry Hobson

Chloe provides an introduction to Henry Hobson, the designer and director behind the brilliant Oscars 2015 title cards. 

History of Oscar Speeches Part 2

Part 2 of our Oscar speeches data visualisations - this time looking in more detail at who the winners thank, as well as some bonus Oscars trivia and interesting facts!

The History of Oscar Speeches

The creative content team decided to research, analyse and visualise the 1400 recorded speeches delivered at the Oscars to identify some of the most interesting trends.

Oscar Dresses - The Outfits Worn By The Icons

The spotlight is on the Oscars again! This year we've celebrated the style icons of the red carpet by creating an illustrated guide to all their dresses. 

A history of Dresses from the Cannes Film Festival

Following the worldwide success of The Oscar Dresses infographic, we proudly present its more ‘arty’ sister – The Cannes Dresses Infographic. We hope you like her.