A Big Thank You! Our Clients Make Us!

RAR Digital Awards

UPDATE: We're extremely pleased to announce that we have won the RAR Digital Award for Client Service in the 100+ staff category!

The RAR database contains over 45,000 ratings left by brands.

Each year they download the ratings from the database to identify which agencies are the highest-rated by clients for digital services, and recognise those agencies via the RAR Digital Awards. These awards are one of a kind and another reason we were pleased to be recognised was because there are no entries to submit, no papers to write! 

We also received RAR Digital Awards nominations in the 100+ staff category for:

  • Effectiveness
  • Value for money
  • On budget
  • On time
  • Content/Strategy Creation

Winning can only be achieved through the genuine feedback from clients, demonstrated with ratings on It was great to have acknowledgement on the effort we put in to ensuring our work is creative but it also is effective, on time and offers value.   

This recognition was complimented by recent RAR recognitions for Copywriting, Video, Infographic & Presentation Design which perfectly complimented our motto “Think Big, Delivery Excellence, Side by Side”   

Congratulations to the Team for making this happen and a Thank You to our clients for this recognition of a job well done.