The Most Iconic Bond Girl Outfits

Bond Girl Outfits

The 24th Bond film, Spectre, is out next week and to celebrate, we’ve created another of our occasional infographics. We’ve selected 77 of the most iconic outfits worn by Bond Girls from Dr No through to Spectre.

The selection criteria for this were a little different to previous graphics like the Oscar Dresses ones. Firstly, there is no clear definition of what actually constitutes a “Bond Girl”. Moneypenny, for example is never counted as a Bond Girl, perhaps because she is a regular character. From Russia With Love’s villainous Rosa Klebb is rarely cited as one either, despite later female villains such as Grace Jones’ May Day or Famke Janssen’s Xenia Onatopp earning the moniker. For our list, we took a consensus over a number of sources but still had to cut a few minor characters in order to keep the numbers manageable for a static graphic. In fact, several Bond Girls appear for only one scene while some don’t have any lines or indeed wear any clothes. So the selections you see represent stand-out characters and outfits we felt were memorable, significant, or at the very least, of note.

The next selection criteria were the outfits themselves. By the 1970s the Bond Girl wardrobe became extensive with characters like Jane Seymour’s Solitaire switching through upwards of 10 different looks over the course of Live and Let Die. Limited by space, we decided to pick the outfits that were worn for the most amount of time and during the most significant or memorable scenes. We drew the line at functional outfits such as wetsuits or overalls and ignored the occasional nightgown. Disguises were also ruled out. The end result is what we like to think of as the most “iconic” outfits; the ones the costume department really delivered on and the ones that have passed into the public’s collective consciousness of these much-loved films.

Again, it’s been interesting to observe the change in style over the years. The Sean Connery era has some classic outfits that are synonymous with the 60’s. Things started to get a little err “80s” in the later Roger Moore films and then flatlined a bit until the mid-90’s when Costume Designer Lindy Hemming took over. The outfits, of the Daniel Craig films are strictly no-nonsense, however. A necessary reaction to the ridicule Austin Powers brought to the franchise. Recent Bond Girl dresses therefore are characterised by elegance, boldness and style.

We hope you enjoy the graphic. If you’d like to talk to us about the content we produce for our clients and our related consultancy services, please get in touch. Nobody does it better…