3 Slides That Made BrightonSEO Worthwhile


Last Friday, a cadre of search division representatives trooped down to Brighton for the ubiquitous BrightonSEO conference. The weather was fine, the crowds were buzzing and we got a lot out of the day. There’s already plenty of content online about the day but here we present 3 slides that stood out for us. I go first.

Krystian Szastok

An issue still for many agencies these days is using real life data and insights to “Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy”. I felt Krystian Szastok’s from RocketMill’s approach of spending just a little bit of extra time to hand sketch, plan and mock up designs with certain KPIs and useful data in mind was a powerful means for customer story telling. It was also nice to get a rare look at some preliminary sketches of a data visualisation concept.

See Krystian's full deck here.

Hannah Smith

Sara Guerra, Client Services Executive

This slide was at the core message of Hanna’s Smith presentation at Brighton SEO and the logic behind it is that we don’t need very many words to successfully convey a message – this being particularly true with pitching content ideas. The goal for any digital and content agency is to get their ideas signed off and according to Hannah, the best way to do it is through successful analogies that resonate in the mind of the client. “Jaws in space”, the expression used to first pitch the Alien movie is used here as the perfect example of a 3 word analogy that was able to tell a whole story.

However, it would be virtually impossible to pitch all ideas in 3 words and this is not exactly the point. Instead, Hannah advocates the ideation process to be based on 3 key terms: Relevance: is the idea a good fit for the brand/company? Resonance: will the target audiences care about it? And difference: what is the USP of the idea, how does it add value?

They key takeaway for me is simple: is not enough to be creative and have great ideas, the key is to arm yourself with a business case for the idea, based on the criteria above and tell such a compelling story that clients will have no other choice than say yes!

See Hannah's full deck here.

Matthew Barby

Alex Wares, Business Director

Matthew Barby’s presentation on “10 Ways to Build a Link in 20 Minutes Flat” provides some great ideas for SEO specialists which may not have been considered before. In particular if you’re new to link building or fancy a refresh on linking building ideas in 2015. Matthew’s process can certainly help you get started and maintain the art of building links by strategizing during the development of your web content: something many SEOs these days are avoiding since some of the latest Google algorithm updates. However, Matthew has found 10 quick ways this can still be done using his techniques.

See Matthew's full deck here.