The Oscar Dresses Infographic 2014 Version

Oscar Dresses Infrographic

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UPDATE: We have now released a fully interactive infographic which has over 150 dresses and 46 designers which you can explore here. You can also purchase an A2 copy of The Oscar Dresses poster from Love Miss Daisy.

It’s been an amazing few days. The original plan was always to release a second version of this infographic, adding the newest dress from Sunday’s Awards. The scale of the response has instead enabled us to find many more dress designer names (thanks, Bob Mackie for contacting us about Sally Field’s dress), correct a few minor errors and go to print. My mum was the first to ask me for a poster of this and she was quickly followed by hundreds more via our blog, website, social media and the press. I’m planning on using my mum in a more regular consultative role from now on.

The infographic went viral. It’s appeared on around 200 sites around the world and has been shared hundreds of thousands of times across social media sites so far. There are even parody versions going around.

It will be released as a poster in A2 format as soon as possible. We’re going to print this week and are in negotiations with retailers to sell it. We’re also looking into possibly doing bags and other merchandise. Check back here for more details in the coming weeks. Big Group would like to thank everyone who shared it, got in touch to help the research or just to express their enthusiasm for it.

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